Seafarers' Advice & Information Line (SAIL)



Charity Number: 1064404

Address: 30 King William Walk, Greenwich, London

Postcode: SE10 9HU

Phone: 0800 160 1842




Summary: Seafarers' Advice and Information Line (SAIL) is a free advice service for seafarers across the UK. It is part of Citizens Advice. We provide phone and email advice on a wide range of issues including h help with debt management. We have 7 professional advisers. We can help anyone who has ever worked at sea, and their widows and dependants. The free phone number for support is open on weekdays between 10am and 4pm, with an answerphone service at all other times.

If you’ve ever worked as a fisherman, then we can help you and your dependants.

Problems with money: Whether it’s a period of illness, loss of your job or a sudden unexpected bill, it’s easy to let your financial situation get out of control. So if you’re feeling the weight of your debt or just want some budgeting help, give us a call.

Debt advice at SAIL:  All our advisers are fully trained to give debt advice and help you find the best way out of your money problems. In fact SAIL’s got a specialist quality mark for debt advice so you’re in safe hands. The law about debt in Scotland is very different to the rest of the UK. We can help.

We now have a caseworker specialising in the issues facing working fishermen. They can help you in many areas including these:


  • If you are struggling on a low income we can check if there are any benefits you could qualify for.
  • We can advise you on what you can claim if you’re unable to work due to health problems.
  • If you are unhappy with the outcome of your benefit application we can help with the appeal process.


  • If you are behind with bills or struggling to afford to pay the people you owe money to, we can help you understand your options and start budgeting.
  • SAIL can give you advice if you are in arrears with Income Tax or National Insurance.


  • If you are facing eviction or being made homeless, we can talk you through your options.

Charitable Grants:

  • SAIL doesn’t award grants itself but we can help you with the process of applying for financial help.

Our caseworker specialising in working fishermen is funded by The Seafarers' Charity.

Some tips when you’re having money worries

- Don’t ignore the problem as it will probably get worse

- Do get help, but

- Don’t ever pay for debt advice

- Do get all your statements together so you know your situation

- Do keep speaking to your creditors

- Do deal with the most important debts first — rent & mortgage arrears, utility & council tax debts, court fines

To contact us please phone our helpline on 0800 160 1842 or click on the following link: Contact Form

The legal bit
SAIL is regulated for debt advice by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN617616). If you’re not happy with our advice you can request a complaint form which can be posted or emailed to you. 




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