The Gwennili Trust



Charity Number: 1049041

Address: Oakside, Stibb Green, Burbage, Wiltshire

Postcode: SN8 3AU

Phone: 01672 810 740




Summary: The Gwennili Trust was founded in 1995 to provide yacht sailing opportunities for people with disabilities, and with a particular focus on those with military connections . Over the years people of all ages with a wide range of disabilities whether visually impaired, with learning difficulties or of limited mobility have enjoyed the thrill of sailing with us.

Note/Restrictions: Irrespective of age or disability, yacht sailing is easily accessible through the Gwennili Trust. Whether you are a first time sailor or an experienced sea dog we have something for you. Our Sailing Programme ranges from simple day sails in the Solent on a wheelchair friendly catamaran to longer cruises to France and the Channel Islands on conventional yachts (weather of course permitting). We also run practical training courses which can provide people with disabilities RYA certification to Competent Crew, Day Skipper and above.


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