The Fishermen's Mission



Charity Number: 232822

Contact: Head Office team

Address: Mather House, 4400 Parkway, Solent Business Park, Whiteley, Hampshire

Postcode: PO15 7FJ

Phone: 0800 634 1020




Summary: The Fishermen's Mission supports active and retired fishermen and their families throughout the United Kingdom and offers a 24 hour emergency and welfare service - which includes access to financial support, eg: children/family grants, with cases judged on their own individual merits. It supports inshore as well as deep sea fishermen and has around 50 staff, as well as many volunteers, placed strategically around the coast. It has the flexibility to respond wherever there is a need.

Note/Restrictions: Also known as the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen. (RNMDSF)


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